Distributed collaborations in disruptive aural/visual translations

Welcome to Sound Exchange our group exhibition of work emerging from the Distributed Capabilities research project. The exhibition showcases artefacts created by a collective of eleven craft makers who collaboratively experimented with sounds as an alternative source of design inspiration. Using a variety of digital/analogue methods each artefact represents an exchange of practices, ideas, and sensory experiences. 

The work created explores concepts related to protection, environment, loss and joy; material considerations; and tangible vs intangible experiences.

The ideas of hybrid digital/analogue processes, co-creation across making disciplines and sound attunement form the foundations of our ongoing research and the work presented in this exhibition. While viewing the objects presented, we ask you to stop and actively listen to the environment you are in; to tune into the transient sounds around you as you pass through days and years; and to think about whether there are any of these sounds you might want to capture in physical form.

Find out more about the individual works through the images below, and their creators via "About the Collective".

This digital showcase is running concurrently with a physical storefront exhibition at The University of Edinburgh's Inspace Gallery at Potterrow. We are gratefully indebted to their support and service in curating our collective's work. Further support came from Heriot-Watt University's School of Textiles and Design. This research is funded by a Network Grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to Dr George Jaramillo (Heriot Watt University) and Dr Lynne Hocking-Mennie (Lynne's Loom).

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We are proud to showcase this trailer of our upcoming documentary that will showcase the collective narratives of each participant within our project. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and workspaces showcased here and keep and eye out for our full film in Summer 2021. A thank you to Common Folk Film Productions for their creative direction in creating this trailer.

Documentary Trailer