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Marie Melnyczuk



Marie is an artist and weaver based on the Isle of North Uist, one of the Outer Hebridean isles. Primarily a painter and printmaker, Marie discovered weaving in 2012 and this process now forms most of her creative practice.
She is the owner of Machair Weave, a small artisan weaving business based on the Isle of North Uist where she lives and works. She works in an eco-friendly manner, adopting the traditional methods as much as she can. She uses locally sourced materials where possible such as the yarns from the woollen mills on the neighbouring Isle of Lewis and fleece from local crofters. She works on two heritage timber floor looms, weaving by hand.
Marie lives on the verge of the Machair, a rare and fragile low lying land skirting the coast of the western side of the Outer Hebrides. Many rare migratory birds, insects and flowers live here, to many, a last place of residence in a threatened and shrinking natural habitat. She gathers inspiration from this Place; recording the sounds of the Machair, and sketching and photographing the landscape throughout the year.
She also works collaboratively with musicians and scientists, enriching her understanding of the traditional practices and history of the islands she has come to know as her home.

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