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amongst littoral edges

Last weekend, Lynne and I met up in Aberdeen where she lives, just south of the city centre, in place near what is called Cove. Cove is small village that today forms part of greater Aberdeen, though historically it was fishing village. Fishing and other industries, dotted and still remain a large part of northern Scottish life and wellbeing, though altered due to variables beyond the lengths of this post. Due to many changes, the sounds of a functioning harbour have diminished leaving behind memories of a bustling village harbour, but also allowing the sounds of the sea to return.

Lynne and I spent the day along the shores of Cove listening, drawing, and reflecting upon the circumstances and the craggy landscape of the shore. We think a way to move ahead is to reflect not only on the crashing sounds of the sea and waves but on the missing ones such as the harbour bells, motorised crane and the hollers of the crew. We want to explore a type of reflective installation piece along the shore that calls upon the fishing nets, the creels, and the flotsam of the sea. There's more to reflect with this, however, it was great to walk along the sea, to think about how we make things, and the workers of the past. Lynne and I will keep you up to date on the progress.

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