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Carol Sinclair & Dwynwen Hopcroft

Dwynwen and Carol’s collaboration is a visual representation of memory, with distressed patterns and textures expressing memory loss. The collection of work for this exhibition represents the evolution of ideas from samples to final pieces in wool and porcelain.

Using the sounds of ceilidh music as a starting point, Dwynwen created a series of dance charts which she converted into knitting patterns for the Circassian Circle and Canadian Barn Dance hats. Memory loss can be described as a form of unravelling which is represented by chunky hand knitted pieces with cut knots and dropped stitches. Carol used these knitted pieces to press into porcelain to create textured surfaces, creating vessels as containers for memories. The knitted pieces used to create the ceramic ones are destroyed in the process, but the imprints in the clay represent a permanent record.

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