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'Sliding Sounds'

Laura Lightbody & Beth Farmer

Laura and Beth’s collaboration was formed from their love of bold surface patterns. They found many commonalities in their practice; their affinity for screen-printing, the use of paper stencils and instinctive use of colour.

Their exhibit combines their specialisms: Beth’s screen-printing, and Laura’s ceramics expertise. The pair collected sounds from each participant to develop into a motif - some are sounds relating to their practice and others are sounds from their environment. Each unique tile represents a project team member.

Working individually to translate sounds into visuals, they instinctively came to a working agreement. Laura manipulated the raw sound data to create spectrograms before Beth abstracted areas from each to create a motif suitable for decorating the tiles with enamel transfers and for screen printing. Their tile puzzle exemplifies their creative process which was collaborative at each step, whilst celebrating the joy of working collectively with the wider project team.

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