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'How We Laughed'

Olive Pearson & Carol Sinclair

Carol Sinclair (ceramic artist) and Olive Pearson (designer-maker) have created this work inspired by the sound of their laughter. This installation reflects the joy of working together as well as the ups and downs of collaborating through lockdown. It is hoped the colourful nature of this piece conveys that joy to viewers.

The recording of their laughter was translated into a spectrogram image and then magnified intensely. The result was an interesting curved form of lines and circles. Carol and Olive then employed their respective techniques and materials to recreate this curved shape, with porcelain discs representing the circles and textile wraps to represent the lines.

The patterns on the porcelain discs were inspired by abstract knitted patterns created from fellow participants sound recordings. The striped yarn-wrapped batons reflect the irregular, striped effect of the spectrogram image before magnification.

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