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Enabling hybrid ways of making within Scottish contemporary design


Distributed Capabilities is the follow-on research project of the Aural Textiles collective. It is funded by a grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh. For the full call click the link below.

We’re looking for six new participants to join our collective of six textile practitioners. These six new non-textile practitioners[1] should be willing to take part in an 20-month co-design research project exploring the potential of multi-sensory collaborative design/practice. Participants will be asked to experiment with digital audio processes, collaborate with a textile practitioner, and develop a series of collaborative artefacts throughout the term of the project. Furthermore, these designs will be shared publicly through a creative and reflective digital platform and exhibition. A small honorarium will be offered to each participant to acknowledge the efforts of their work. To apply, please use the form below. 


[1]We define non-textile practitioner as those makers and designers employed outside of a textile practice. This could include but not limited to, digital makers/artists, crafts people, or artisanal makers.  

Call for Participant Application

Selection Criteria

  • Be a non-textile maker/artist/designer who runs their creative business (up to 2 employees) in Scotland

  • Be able to participate fully in three two/three-day workshops and a final exhibition  between April 2019 and October 2020 (dates TBD), as well as, create at least two design artefacts throughout the project.

  • Be willing to take part in an experimental collaborative co-design process, as well as, reflection of their practice as part of the research.

  • Be open to share their designs/artefacts within a creative commons open-sourced license to be disseminated via digital and analogue means.

Thanks for submitting!

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